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 All tubes are tested prior to shipping. No returns on ordering the incorrect tube number or when the tube is not operated within manufacturer's specs, or open filaments, or broken glass, or on sweep tubes or one volt types.

Tube sockets or tube caps-please let us know the type/or tube for the cost.

We accept checks, money orders,paypal,western union. No Credit cards or CODs please. Please make all money orders or checks payable to Roy Golden

Radio Tube Supply is a Major Supplier, of electron tubes for the commercial and hobbyist communities. We have more than half a million tubes in stock. We carry domestic and foreign tubes for commercial, audio, amateur radio, antiques, industrial, foreign, broadcast and other purposes.

We Sell both within the United States and Internationally. Our on-line retail catalog may not contain all the items in stock.  If you do not find what you need Contact us.