A van will visit Somerset to help repair electrical appliances

A MOBILE repair and reuse project is hitting the road this summer – and Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) wants you to name it.

The custom van will travel around the county to support Somerset’s network of repair groups and cafes as they work to repair anything electrical.

From toasters to tablets, record players to remote controls – if it has a plug or takes batteries, the plan is to breathe new life into it when it stops working.

Providing practical help, useful tools and a PAT testing service, the van will encourage people to get things repaired and reused rather than throwing them away or recycling them.

The van will also visit events, schools and businesses to provide hands-on help, training and promote the repair and reuse of electrical and electronic devices.

The van has yet to be named and SWP is asking the public to come up with something eye-catching.

Suggestions can be made via the @somersetwaste Facebook and Twitter accounts or a simple online survey by 9am on Monday February 21.

The best suggestions will be voted on by the public.

The van will be dedicated to repairing electrical and electronic devices in its first year, but could be expanded to support the wider world of repair and reuse.

The successful name must be something that could work for general repair and reuse as well as electrical and electronics.

Cllr Sarah Dyke, chair of the Somerset Waste Board, said: ‘When something electrical stops working, too often our immediate response is to throw it away or recycle it.

“It’s not sustainable. It’s about harnessing and supporting SWP’s skills and enthusiasm to try to make electrical repair and reuse part of everyone’s routine.

The grant-funded initiative also works with local company Donate-IT CIC, which refurbishes laptops, tablets and phones and distributes them to families in need.

The van will have a collection point for items and Donate-IT will securely erase donation data.

The project is led by Resource Futures, in partnership with SWP and Donate-IT.

The Repair Van Driver role is currently being advertised HERE.

The deadline for submitting applications is 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, February 22. Interviews will take place the week of February 28.

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