AMD’s Q3 2022 results beat EPS expectations

The company beat estimates by $0.49 per share, with the report showing shares at $0.67 each.

AMD today shared its results for the third quarter of 2022 and included numbers in the report that reflect that the company exceeded previous EPS expectations. Previously, estimates were around $0.49 per share according to sources like Earnings Whispers. In the report, AMD saw shares at $0.67 each.

Revenue for the quarter was $5.6 billion, up 29% year over year (YoY) with a gross margin of 42%. The report notes that this is a decrease of 6 percentage points year-on-year “primarily due to the amortization of intangible assets associated with the acquisition of Xilinx”. Meanwhile, net income came in at $66 million for the quarter with diluted earnings per share at $0.04.

AMD stock showing shares at $59.66 each down 0.67 but up 2.48% in after-hours trading
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Other highlights of the report include AMD’s Data Center segment revenue of $1.6 billion, up a whopping 45% year-over-year and “driven by strong sales of EPYC server processors “. Operating profit was $505 million (31% of revenue), compared to $308 million (28%) last year.

Additionally, in-vehicle segment revenue was reported at $1.3 billion, up a staggering 1,549% year-over-year, with growth primarily driven by “the inclusion of Xilinx’s in-vehicle product revenue.” Operating profit here was $635 million (49% of revenue) versus $23 million (30%) last year.

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