Ams OSRAM Wins Electronics Company of the Year Award

ams OSRAM attended the AspenCore 2021 Double Summits (2021 Global CEO Summit and 2021 Global Retail & Supply Chain Leaders Summit) in Shenzhen, hosted by ASPENCORE, a leading industry-focused media group electronic.

During the summit, the 2021 World Electronics Achievement Awards were announced and ams OSRAM took home two awards, Electronics Company of the Year and Sensor of the Year.

The purpose of the World Electronics Achievement Awards is to elect and congratulate companies and leaders who have made significant contributions to spur innovation in the global electronics industry.

The TSL2585, Sensor of the Year, is a new mini ambient light sensor from ams OSRAM with exclusive UV-A light detection. It features highly sensitive ALS detection, UVA detection, 4 kHz fast sampling flicker detection and silicon based interference filter technology. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions, the sensor is ideally suited for portable applications and other mobile applications with limited space.

TSL2585’s short integration time and high sensitivity allow reliable detection of ambient light even when placed under low transmissivity materials and OLED attach. By providing the illuminance information and flickering information of ambient light to the phone camera, it supports the fast auto exposure of the smartphone camera and the removal of band effects caused by the flicker of environmental lighting.

The TSL2585 is the third ams OSRAM product to win this award. The AS7341 multi-channel spectral sensor won the sensor of the year award in 2019, and the ALS TCS3408 sensor the sensor of the year in 2020.

ams OSRAM also won the prestigious Electronics Company of the Year award. Pierre Laboisse, EVP, Global sales and marketing at ams OSRAM, gave an overview of new optical solutions combining lighting and sensing technologies. He also spoke of the strategic importance of the Chinese market for the company.

“We are combining OSRAM’s light emitting skills with ams’ skills in sensing, integrated circuits and software to create a world champion in optical solutions, focusing on sensing, lighting and visualization, ”said Laboisse. “Here, we are building a leading portfolio to combine transmitters with optics, detectors, integrated circuits and algorithms, creating complete optical solutions for the customer with one hand. ”

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