Children’s items most affected by supply chain crisis this holiday season | New

ATLANTA (CBS46) – With more and more people heading to retail stores before the holidays, Americans are seeing empty shelves due to the current supply chain crisis.

COVID-19 continues to infect people around the world, causing labor shortages and shipping delays around the world.

And with the ripple effects making goods both harder to find and more expensive, toys are making an impact.

High-tech animals are at the top of Christmas gift lists this year. But toy makers say the nationwide chip shortage could make it harder for shoppers to find toys like Moji, a labradoodle electronic pet that responds to voice commands.

Shipping delays could also reduce the chances of LOL dolls being wrapped under many trees this holiday season.

Apple was originally slated to produce 90 million new iPhone models between its release date and the end of the year. But, the chip shortage continues to affect production, according to Bloomberg.

And retail experts have said the Xbox X series and PlayStation 5 are both hard to find for the same reason.

According to a Consumer Brand Association report, there’s a 15% chance you won’t find holiday cookies or crackers in your grocery store, which means Santa will likely eat a lot of cookies made from scratch this year. .

And those delays seem to be here to stay; at least for a little while. Experts say manufacturers will likely face product shortages for another six months.

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