Chinese e-cigarette manufacturer ICCPP’s GENE TREE nano-microcrystalline ceramic core wins 2021 Pioneering Technology Award

China CE Magazine is the most influential and influential media organization in the world. China The consumer electronics industry and companies participating in the Pioneer Technology Award selection are industry leaders.

Pioneering powder-free craftsmanship

The GENE TREE nano-microcrystalline ceramic core is the industry’s first “powder resolution 0” ceramic core. The high-strength manufacturing process is adopted to ensure that there is no dust and to avoid the damage caused by falling powder from the ordinary ceramic core.

Perfect restoration of the original flavor

The high-vacuum porous structure of the GENE TREE nano-microcrystalline ceramic core, combined with the application of food-grade lipophilic rare earth oxide, gives it excellent E-Juice guiding and locking ability. It perfectly solves the pain points of most users and avoids problems such as explosion, poor stability, short service life, easy dry burning and leakage caused by cotton core heating. This perfectly restores the taste of E-liquid and provides more outstanding taste.

Longer use and increased durability

Self-developed heating mud is more consistent with the thermodynamic properties of porous ceramics, greatly reducing the core mud phenomenon. GENE TREE does not produce cracks in the heating film after 4000 times of dry burning at 2.5W, and the resistance value does not change; 6W dry burning life is up to 5 times longer than other products, giving it longer life and durability.

ICCPP is a global leader in providing vaping technology solutions and has advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capability and a broad-spectrum product portfolio. In the future, ICCPP will continue to innovate its services for vaping technology solutions and strive to become the most valuable partner in the world.


ICCPP is a global technology group with nearly a decade of experience in technology research and development, product design, manufacturing, brand building and other fields. Its products and services are distributed in more than 70 countries and regions, with approximately 30 million users.

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