Delhi E-waste Ecological Park

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Delhi E-waste Ecological Park – Delhi approved the first electronic waste eco-park will be installed in the city at the beginning of this year. A 20-acre eco park for e-waste will be constructed in Delhi. Every year, Delhi discards about 2 lakh tons of electronic waste. The motive behind the creation of this park will be to recycle, renovate and dismantle electronic waste scientifically and safely in this eco-park.

The electronic waste generated by the city are not treated in a scientific or safe way. Informal recyclers are responsible for handling and recycling. This results in a negative influence on the health of the garbage handlers as well as the people of Delhi. Hence, in a major step taken by the Delhi government, this eco-park will prove beneficial to the city.

Electronic waste It is electronic waste, i.e. discarded electronic devices such as laptops, televisions, chargers, cell phones, etc. This waste can be recycled and refurbished through material recovery. However, it is currently thrown in the trash and can create dangerous problems. For example, when thrown in the garbage heap in the summer, the components can melt or catch fire, which can be dangerous. Therefore, electronic waste management is essential to ensure safety.

Delhi E-waste Ecological Park

By dismantling, sorting, refurbishing, storing materials, testing and recycling plastic, this eco-park will operate as an integrated facility. It will also offer capabilities for mining precious metals, including from printed circuit boards (PCBs) using state-of-the-art technology.

An authorized refurbishment market as a secondary market for the sale of products for batteries, electronics, laptops, chargers, cell phones and PCs will be part of the e-waste eco-component.

To channel electronic waste, collection centers will be set up in the 12 areas.

Delhi E-waste Ecological Park

In order to prepare informal sector operators for formal recyclers, the e-waste eco-park will provide infrastructure, training and instruments.

From printed circuit boards (PCBs) to high-end technologies, this facility will include disassembly, refurbishment, separation, plastic recycling, material storage and testing, and metal extraction facilities precious.

It will use modern technology to provide integrated and environmentally safe disposal of electronic waste. This will help reduce pollution and its negative effects on the environment.

Delhi E-waste Ecological Park

The activities of the park will be oriented towards clusters of small and medium enterprises working in the recycling of electronic waste. Refurbishment, separation, disassembly and storage of separated materials such as plastics, metals, glass and components will all be included.

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