Department of Labor launches expedited service for electronic labor applications

The Department of Labor announced the launch of an expedited service for new e-workforce applications to enable businesses to quickly obtain visa approvals to bring in workers from the labor force within minutes. foreigner in the specified criteria and requirements.

The service aims to support business creation and develop the business of new and existing businesses in the State of Qatar.

The ministry said in a statement on Sunday that only companies committed to the provisions of the Labor Law can benefit from the expedited service for new labor requests.

This new service is part of the Ministry of Labor’s efforts to develop labor recruitment application procedures for the private sector, its policy of developing intelligent electronic services, improving the electronic services in the labor sector and to contribute to facilitating and accelerating the performance of the services provided to its customers.

To qualify for the new expedited service, newly established businesses submit an application with details of the required manpower as per the business establishment requirements.

Existing businesses can also benefit from the service by submitting a request containing the detail of the required workforce compatible with the activity and the size of the establishment and its natural growth, according to determinants and criteria based on rates increase in employment in similar establishments. .

According to the ministry, the request for the expedited service for new labor applications requires a smart card to verify the identity of the person in charge of the establishment to access the service through the national authentication system, in addition to complete the basic data record of the request with the data contact, outlining the justifications for the labor requirements, and recording the detail of the required labor specifications, detailed by profession, type and number in based on the actual need of establishments, whether newly established or existing, then reviewing the application and sending it after confirming the details of the required manpower.

Business owners and representatives can also apply for the expedited service through the services of the Ministry of Labor on the Qatar e-government portal “Hukoomi”.

The Ministry of Labor confirmed its effort to launch a comprehensive electronic system for all the services it provides in the coming period, leading to paperless services, so as to ensure speed of procedures, especially for companies committed to the provisions of the law.

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