Electronic Merchant Systems offers mini golf POS solutions

Cleveland, Ohio-

Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), a company based in Cleveland, OH, is pleased to let everyone know that it offers point-of-sale solutions for operating a mini golf course, whether attached to an amusement park, at a resort or whether it is a standalone amusement attraction. EMS can work closely with the owners of these mini golf courses to allow not only cash payments, but also credit and debit card payments. Offering only a cash payment option can cost the business a lot of opportunities. Meanwhile, EMS also offers payment processing for specialized companies for various types of businesses, such as: gyms, marinas, car dealerships, laundromats, event management, yoga studios, moving companies, night clubs, non-profit organizations, self-storage, gun shops, DJ, pet grooming, daycare, CrossFit, wedding planning, and mini-golf.

EMS offers different types of POS solutions and for miniature golf courses they suggest the MaxxPay Mini as it provides an efficient payment solution that has a very small footprint without sacrificing quality and benefits. Its advantages include: fast payments; high functionality; and an easy to use interface. It provides fast payments due to the ability to accept all major credit cards for all possible payment methods such as chip, swipe, and contactless options. It also offers high functionality so that various products, prices and stocks can be included. All the business owner has to do is add the different products, their prices and the different inventory items and MaxxPay Mini will take care of everything else. And with its simple interface using an LED touch screen, users can easily learn how to use the MaxxPay Mini POS system.

With the mini golf POS system, gift card options can also be provided. Gift cards are a big boost for a business because they can provide: brand awareness; a higher volume of purchases; greater customer loyalty; and increased profits and cash flow. In addition, each gift card purchased that is never redeemed will represent 100% profit for mini golf.

It is also possible to offer customer loyalty programs. Offering rewards to loyal customers is one of the best strategies to promote the mini golf brand and ensure that it will be seen as the go-to destination in that particular area. Even better, it’s up to the business owner to decide what to offer in the customer loyalty program. Perhaps a sixth free spin can be offered after the customer has completed five spins. Or some discount can be offered after customer completes 10 mini golf visits.

EMS offers various ways to enhance the payment experience, such as virtual terminals, mobile processing, and web services. With virtual terminals, it is possible to simply send a personalized invoice by e-mail to a particular customer or to schedule recurring billing for regular customers. With their mobile processing services, customers could accept all types of payment wherever they are using the smartphone or tablet, including the use of contactless options and EMV chip cards. And with their web services, business owners have a modern, responsive website with or without online shopping carts.

Founded in 1988, Electronic Merchant Systems is a national payment processing and merchant services company with over 30 years of experience in the payments industry. They can help local businesses increase their sales by allowing them to accept card payments, such as stored value cards, all credit cards, major debit cards, electronic bank transfers and check services electronics. They can help tens of thousands of internet, start-up, and retail businesses in various parts of the country. Around 95% of EMS customers have already benefited from the huge savings achieved through a price review. EMS has 11 regional sales offices in various locations across the United States, and over 100 cities have an EMS presence.

Those who would like more details on Mini Golf POS Solutions can check the EMS website or contact them by phone or email.


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