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GaN Systems, an Ottawa-based GaN provider (gallium nitride) power semiconductors and ON Semiconductor, a global supplier of power semiconductor integrated circuits, released a new 300W Totem Pole BTP-PFC Bridgeless Power Factor (PFC) Correction evaluation committee. The board includes ON Semiconductor’s NCP1680, the first PFC totem pole controller without a dedicated critical conduction mode (CrM) bridge, and the 650V from GaN Systems. GS66508B GaN transistors. The NCP1680 controller and GS66508B transistors combine to provide an innovative, cost effective and high performance solution in a small footprint.

The world’s first non-bridged totem pole PFC evaluation board. Source: GaN Systems.

The solution allows electrical engineers to evaluate GaN and capitalize on its benefits to improve the performance of the electrical system. The GaN Systems GS66508B is a 650V, 30A transistor that provides low loss, high switching frequency, zero reverse recovery, and very low junction-to-case thermal resistance. The evaluation board enables rapid development of advanced PFC totem pole designs and is ideal in various power applications for data center, telecommunications, industrial and consumer industries.

The solution achieves almost 99% efficiency

On the controller side, this Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC solution leverages the NCP1680, which offers unique features for operation under light load conditions, digital voltage loop compensation and near unity power factor in all modes of operation. functioning. In total, the solution achieves an efficiency of almost 99%, simplifies the design and reduces the number and cost of BOMs.

“Leaders like ON Semiconductor recognize the importance of GaN and are optimizing controllers and creating complementary tools like the new 300W PFC evaluation board that we introduced today. These solutions strengthen the GaN industry ecosystem with the goal of making power electronics more efficient and cost effective, ”said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems.

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