General Micro Systems Wins Three “Best of Show” Awards at AUSA 2022 Highlighting Computing Innovations for Building the Army of 2030

Four-Star Winners in the Embedded Computing, Rugged Computing, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning categories are built on GMS’s innovative new X9 Spider distributed architecture for the next-generation military

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., October 24, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Three new innovations from General Micro Systems (GMS) have won the Best of Show award at Military embedded systems magazine at the Association for the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C. All built on GMS’s new X9 Spider architecture, the X9 host system earned a 4-star designation in the artificial intelligence/machine learning category, while the SOSA-aligned VPX3XD-NET single board computer (SBC) won the 4-star award in the embedded computing category and the OpenVPX ATR-PLUS 3U chassis won the highest award in the category robust computing.

“All three products are built on our new modular and super-dense X9 Spider distributed architecture, the most innovative, robust and reliable computing technologies available for the next-generation military,” said Chris Ciufo, chief technology officer, General Micro Systems. . “Whether applications require OpenVPX or more efficient implementations like our small form factor (SFF) X9 Spider Host AI system, there is nothing like it on the market today, and we are proud that Military Embedded Systems and the hundreds of visitors who visited our booth at AUSA recognized how truly unique and revolutionary they are, and are essential to ensuring that our military can compete at all levels.

Designed to meet the military’s needs for detection, protection, communication, support and victory on the 2030 battlefield, the award-winning product trio includes:

  • The X9 Host AI system, one of the first products in the X9 Spider family of distributed computing modules hardened to meet the demanding needs of next-generation warfare. The X9 Host AI (artificial intelligence) system is for applications that require SFF AI battlefield edge processing in a rugged package with amazing performance per dollar per watt. Like all X9 products, the X9 Host AI system is modular, expandable and scalable, featuring Thunderbolt™ 4 technology, CoaXPress and GMS’s patented LightBolt™ 40 Gbps copper or fiber connections, with 100W power supply per port optional for ascents/descents. flow sensors and system extension.

  • VPX3XD-NET SOSA™ Aligned Single Board Computer, with Intel® Network-centric (“NET”) XEON™ D Ice Lake processor module, with 2-6 100GbE RDMA ports and 2-4 Thunderbolt™ 4 ports. The VPX3XD-NET is part of the new X9 Venom 3U family of computer boards and 6U OpenVPX, GMS ATR type peripherals and chassis for use in US Army ground, air, communications and armament systems. All products are ANSI/VITA 65 compliant, meet Department of Defense (DoD) requirements for Modular Open Electronic Systems (MOSA), and are IEEE 1101.2 conduction cooled. X9 Venom products are also aligned with SOSA™ (Sensor Open Standard Architecture) and ready to meet CMOSS (C4ISR/Electronic Warfare Modular Open Suite) standards, two standards that are increasingly required in programs and upgrades. of the US Army platform.

  • The ATR-PLUS 3U OpenVPX chassis, also part of the X9 Venom family, is specifically designed for high-performance applications that require massive power/heat dissipation, with provisions for extensive copper, fiber, and RF I/O . It is available in aluminum alloy or carbon fiber to save up to 30% in weight. Per-slot heat pipe cooling improves reliability and extends operating range. All chassis front panels are infinitely configurable and include high and low speed copper connectors as well as fiber connectors for internal backplane and card front panel cabling. 3U chassis have six or eight slots, a removable 4 SSD cartridge for data storage and two slots for two 1000W smart power supplies. The 6U chassis has two cartridges for removable storage and eight slots, two of which reserved for power supplies. All Thunderbolt-equipped chassis offer 100W power over fiber.

About General Micro Systems
General Micro Systems (GMS) is the rugged server company. The company is known as the industry expert in the highest density, modular, compute-intensive and rugged small form factor embedded computer systems, servers and switches. These powerful systems are ideal for demanding C5ISR exploration applications in defence, aerospace, medical, industrial and energy. GMS is an IEC, ISO, AS9100, NIST-800-171, and MIL-SPEC provider with infrastructure and operations for long-lived, specification-controlled, configuration-managed programs.

Designed from the ground up to deliver the best performance and functionality in the toughest environments on the planet, the company’s highly customizable products include GMS Rugged DNA™ with patented RuggedCool™ and patent-pending Diamond RuggedCool2™ and LightBolt. GMS is also the leader in high-end deployable Intel processors® and NVIDIA® processors and GPUs. For more information, visit

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