HHAeXchange Achieves CMS Certification of Industry-Leading Electronic Visitor Verification Solution

“HHAeXchange worked hand-in-hand with us to achieve broad public support, rapid implementation and CMS certification,” said Jennifer Langer Jacobs, assistant commissioner for medical assistance and health services at the Department of Human Services. New Jersey social.

HHAeXchange, the leading provider of home care management solutions for Medicaid payers, providers, and state agencies, today announced that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has granted certification for the HHAeXchange System Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) as New Jersey’s state verification system. EVV aggregator.

CMS conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of New Jersey’s EVV system and functionality on July 21, 2021, issuing full certification retroactive to the state’s implementation date of December 14, 2020. With CMS certification, New Jersey is now eligible for a potential 75% Federal Financial Participation (FFP).

“HHAeXchange has a long history of leadership in the home and community services industry with comprehensive tools that serve payers and providers. I am very grateful for our partnership with the State of New Jersey and proud that HHAeXchange has achieved CMS EVV certification, while helping New Jersey MCOs and vendors streamline processes, improve communication, and staff their caregivers with time-saving tools,” mentioned Greg Strobel, CEO of HHAeXchange.

The New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services (DMAHS) selected HHAeXchange as its EVV aggregator in August 2020 and fully implemented an open-vendor EVV model on December 14, 2020. HHAeXchange’s EVV solution takes supports New Jersey’s open EVV model by consolidating all visitation data, whether the provider uses the state’s EVV system or a third-party system, for all personal care services (PCS) across five managed care organizations ( MCO) from the New Jersey FamilyCare program.

“It was important to New Jersey that we implement EVV in accordance with federal requirements, and that we do so with a strong and enthusiastic stakeholder process,” said Jennifer Langer Jacobs, assistant commissioner of medical assistance and Department of New Jersey Health Services. Personal services. “HHAeXchange has worked hand in hand with us to achieve broad public support, rapid implementation and CMS certification.”

As a leading provider of home care management solutions, HHAeXchange has helped dozens of states and MCOs manage billions of dollars in Medicaid claims while achieving a new level of oversight, transparency, and efficiency that did not previously exist on the market. On an annual basis, HHAeXchange confirms more than 125 million visits and bills nearly $18.5 billion in Medicaid claims for more than 6,300 home care agencies.

For more information about HHAeXchange and its platforms, including its EVV software, please visit hhaexchange.com.

About HHAeXchange

Founded in 2008, HHAeXchange is the leading technology platform for managing home care and independent living programs. Developed specifically for Medicaid Home and Community Services (HCBS), HHAeXchange connects state agencies, managed care payers, providers, and caregivers through its intuitive web-based platform, enabling communication, transparency, unparalleled efficiency and compliance. For more information, visit hhaexchange.com or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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