How supply chain issues impact winter boiler repairs

SAN ANTONIO – Persistent supply chain issues are starting to impact heating and furnace repairs just as people are starting to worry about winter weather ahead.

Sitting in her studio, Valinda Huck refines the dials of a small electric heater.

“When I come into this room it’s pretty cold so I usually bring this heater,” she said. “It keeps me warm while I work. “

The retired medical assistant said she has struggled to cope with the common cold since completing chemotherapy for breast cancer just over a year ago.

“When the chemo is over, your body isn’t done with it,” she said. “Your body is treating her for a long time.”

She and her husband, Dirk, have been keeping the upstairs doors closed since their second-story furnace broke down last month. Their service company told them the circuit board had been affected and the supply chain made it difficult to find a replacement.

“December 10,” Huck said, referring to when the oven broke. “So we spent almost a month without a printed circuit board for our oven. “

Huck says that although she has had to face the cold, she feels lucky to still have a working oven when others may not.

“We think, ‘Well, if that happens to us, how many homes in the United States are affected by supply chain issues for their heating and cooling? “”, She declared. “Especially in the middle of winter?”

Ray Hotaling, warehouse manager for Jon Wayne Service Company, said they were warned to expect this kind of shortage earlier last year.

“What we had heard was that we were expecting shortages of printed circuit boards and electronic components, and that it was a few months ago,” Hotaling said. “We started placing orders to make sure we had things for winter while it was still summer. “

He says they use their parts database used throughout the year to help predict the parts they will need and keep their three warehouses stocked for the winter.

“We here at Jon Wayne have a very good relationship with our partners and suppliers and they are able to give us a head start on some of these shortages that we expect in the country,” Hotaling said.

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