How to make real estate business easier if your firm does not specialize in real estate law

If you don’t specialize in property law, need help transitioning to electronic settlements, or want to be able to handle more volumes without additional headcount, you may consider enlisting the assistance of settle it.

For many practitioners who run generalist law firms, settlements and filings can be a significant part of the workload. If you don’t specialize in real estate law, need help transitioning to electronic settlements, or want to expand your business across jurisdictional boundaries, settle it Maybe for you.

settle it shares three tips to make your real estate business easier.

1. Determine what parts of your business workload you could outsource

Take the time to think about the obstacles your business has encountered. Is it unproductive time spent chasing banks and councils to get certificates? Is it the sheer volume of administrative tasks involved in filings and settlements? Or are you looking to expand your interstate business but unsure of the regulations beyond your own border?

Mary Antony, a lawyer and principal at Antonys Lawyers, asked for help from settle itInfoTrack’s settlement and deposit solution, to process their electronic settlements.

“Antonys Avocats is a single practitioner firm and although we don’t specifically specialize in property law, it is a big part of the practice. We started using SettleIT from October 11, 2021: the time when we could no longer process manual settlements in New South Wales. settle itThe efficiency of in driving the whole process, despite the complications that arise from my client’s issues, always makes the process much easier. The team always takes issues head on and makes it easy to work through what, in my case, can be complicated. .”

2. Invest in cloud-based solutions to ensure service continuity

Given the unprecedented events we have all experienced over the past few years, business continuity should be at the forefront of every practitioner’s mind. The adaptability and flexibility provided by using cloud-based solutions ensures that businesses can be agile and available in any environment.

The only practitioner Mayaz Raihani of Raihani Lawyers met settle it in 2019, engaging the flexible cloud-based solution to manage end-to-end deposits and settlements, post-exchange. Raihani revealed that despite the general uncertainty in the market at the time, “the ability to continue to work remotely with the technology systems in place” allowed his company to have its “best year yet”.

3. Partner with a service that can facilitate the transition from traditional to electronic processes

We understand that transitioning from a traditional manual process to new electronic processes can be difficult and time consuming. The settle it is highly experienced in processing electronic deposits and settlements, to support your business.

“There was definitely a learning curve and investment in getting everything in order and understanding the electronic systems, but it paid off dramatically both for the company and for our customers, who continued to receive the prompt quality service they needed, regardless of external factors,” Raihani applauded.

It can be comforting to know that you have a settlement and housing partner by your side, to help you manage real estate matters. The support and expertise offered by settle it can ease the daily stress of customer inquiries and put you in a better position to serve your customers wholeheartedly. Connect with the team today understand how settle it can facilitate your administrative tasks.

How to make real estate business easier if your firm does not specialize in real estate law

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Last update: September 21, 2022

Posted: September 21, 2022

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