Indra lands Tiger MkIII electronic defense contracts

Indra announced on June 1 that he had received a number of contracts from OCCAR, worth 90 million euros ($96.2 million), to develop the Spanish military. Tiger Electronic defense and mission systems of MkIII attack helicopters.

The manufacturer said the systems would allow the aircraft to “operate in the most complex scenarios against the increasingly varied and sophisticated threats that will emerge in the years to come.”

The Spanish army is to receive digital self-protection systems and what Indra called “the most modern tactical mission system in existence”, dubbed SPC2, with both pieces of equipment to be operational from 2030.

“The self-protection suite (EWS) that Indra will implement in the Tiger MKIII will have a sophisticated radar threat warning system with direct spectrum scanning, the ALR-400FD Full Digital, which offers a capability of extremely high signal processing to detect monitoring systems and targeting sensors before they lock onto a target on the platform,” the manufacturer noted. “This element also plays a critical role, since it integrates the EW Manager function responsible for managing and integrating all the self-protection elements of the aircraft and activating countermeasures to automatically neutralize any ground-to-air and air-to-air attack.

The Spanish and French Tiger MkIII fleets (up to 82 helicopters) are also to be equipped with Indra’s IFF system.

“This system will allow both the identification of the platform itself to third parties and the interrogation of other aircraft in order to classify them as friend or foe, which is achieved through the combined interrogator-transponder CIT system -25A,” Indra said.

“The equipment is completed with elements such as the remote control box, the control matrix and a Mode 5 crypto-computer, which represent a modernization compared to current systems of this type.

“The integration also includes certification from the United States Department (US DoD AIMS) to operate in all types of international scenarios, a critical requirement for IFFs operating using the new Mode 5 identification within the NATO.”

Speaking of SPC2 capabilities, the manufacturer also said it will enable the interoperability of C2 helicopters to provide commanders and pilots with a digital view of the battlefield in real time.

OCCAR, on behalf of France and Spain, officially launched the Tiger MkIII program with Airbus and MBDA in March 2022.

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