Miner blows courier package to ‘claim’ insurance, detained

A 17-YEAR-OLD boy has been arrested by Jogeshwari Police for detonating a courier package with a homemade incendiary device in order to receive insurance benefits.

The miner had booked a courier service in Delhi under the guise of sending a shipment of electronics, which he said was valued at Rs 9.81 lakh. He had insured the package after coming across an advertisement from the insurance company on YouTube, which stated that “In the event of damage to an item/material during travel/handling of a declared product, the original price merchandise for electronic goods and 10% compensation will be paid under this shipping and transit policy.”

The 17-year-old, who was preparing for his NEET entrance exam, hatched a plan to use this advantage. The miner initially made fake invoices worth Rs 9,81,800 for two computer processors, mobiles and memory cards, police said.

“With the fake invoices, he bought insurance online,” Inspector Satish Tavare said.

The burnt package. (PhotoExpress)

The boy then filled the package with bric-a-brac and an incendiary device that he prepared at home by watching YouTube videos.

The package was picked up by the courier on Tuesday afternoon and it exploded in their warehouse in Jogeshwari around 11pm on Tuesday. The courier company, however, only reported the incident to the police on Wednesday, after which a police team attended the scene.

“We found remnants of a flower pot and some other crackers inside. We sensed something was wrong and got the contact details of the person who shipped the package,” said an officer A team was then sent to his home in Santacruz and the minor was arrested.

During the investigation, he disclosed that he planned to claim Rs 9,81,800 and the additional 10% compensation from the insurance company. With this money, he was going to buy a computer and an iPhone.

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