MoPH conducts workshops on electronic food security system

Doha: The Ministry of Public Health recently organized several workshops on the electronic registration system, which is one of the requirements of the first stage of the new electronic food safety system, which will be launched soon. The workshops aimed to familiarize participants and explain the registration steps.

This workshop represents a practical application of the MSP’s efforts to streamline the registration process in the electronic management system, which will reflect accordingly on improving the compliance of establishments and products with sanitary requirements and specifications. The final workshop, attended by approximately 360 food establishment representatives for four consecutive days, presented an integrated explanation of the electronic registration system, which involves 4 steps.

The first step is food establishment registration and includes opening an account on the system and registering and information about the food establishment; location, license, owner and responsible person and substitute person. The second stage concerns “operational information”, such as master data, working hours, production volume, vehicles used for food transport, supplier, product documents and documents necessary for the analysis of risks and critical points.

The third stage of registration is for “food handlers” and includes basic information and documents. The fourth step is “products/food product registration application” which includes basic information, product details, packaging, transportation, ingredients, nutrition facts label and attachments . Wassan Abdullah Al Baker, director of the food safety and environmental health department at the ministry, said the food safety department is looking to activate the digitization plan for the registration of establishments and food products through a new platform. -electronic form.

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