Musgrave to install electronic shelf labels in Northern Ireland stores

Its objective is to improve efficiency and the customer experience, allowing the group to centralize prices and promotions, and to update them in real time.

Michael Devlin, IT Manager at Musgrave, said: “By automating the pricing process, crucial time is freed up to work on value-added activities, such as merchandising, inventory replenishment and buyer support, while improving staff satisfaction as more time becomes available. spent in the workshop rather than in the back office for price changes and promotions.

“As prices are updated instantly, ensuring that the price displayed on the shelf is always the same as at the point of sale, we can further increase customer satisfaction and confidence.”

ESLs are also expected to help Musgrave reduce the paper consumption associated with traditional labels.

Trevor Magill, Managing Director, said: “Sustainability is a key factor for us in every decision we make. With the deployment of ESLs and the elimination of traditional paper labels, we will see a definite improvement in our paper consumption. »

Pricer’s marketing and research through its UK Consumer Insights Report indicates that 65% of customers are more likely to buy a product in-store when they can access information about it quickly and clearly. produced digitally.

Almost half of those surveyed said they would like more digital signs on the shelf to help them decide what to buy.

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