NASC, CORAF unveils electronic planning, forecasting tool

As part of efforts to bridge the gap between seed supply and demand through accurate seed demand estimation and forecasting, the National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC), CORAF and other partners unveil an electronic tool for seed planning and demand forecasting.

It was then that she began training seed actors in the sector on the same tool.

Declaring the opening of the training workshop on Monday in Abuja, NASC Chief Executive Dr. Philip Olusegun Ojo said the tool is a practical instrument used in the process of projecting potential and actual seed demands to support both the public and private seed sector. decision-making of seed companies.

“To introduce and unveil this tool to stakeholders in Nigeria, the National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC) in collaboration with AVISA, the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture as well as AGRA and its other partners under the Partnership for Inclusive Agricultural Transformation in Africa (PIATA) organized this three-day capacity building session on seed planning for the industry.

“The lack of information on accurately estimating seed demands often puts seed companies and breeding seed production units in disarray. It is well recognized that the current performance of the system in terms of availability of the required type of seed in the required quantity and quality at the required location and at an affordable price is below satisfaction.

“Today we have a situation where the ratio of revealed seed demand to supply shows a huge shortage of supply, paradoxically seed companies and dealers complain about leftovers every year,” he said. he declared.

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