New D14 disposable electronic cigarette vape bar with 3 filters OEM ODM welcome 500 puffs new


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New D14 Disposable Electronic Cigarette Vape Bar with 3 Filters

This is a new design disposable e-cigarette, light and smooth appearance, very affinity.
Each e-cigarette is equipped with 3 filters, which is more hygienic in use and closer to the
Sensation of smoking at the same time.

It’s simple and easy to use, no need to inject oil, no need to charge, one-time use, just throw away when you run out.
Built-in 400mAh lithium polymer battery, 2.0ml liquid storage capacity. Lasts over 500 puffs.
The e liquid uses natural nicotine salt, which has a smooth taste, rich flavor and full smoke.

It uses stainless steel tube, and we have made rubber paint treatment on the surface, which is soft and comfortable; according to different tastes. We have made a variety of color schemes, which are colorful and attractive.

We can support OEM / ODM customization. All you need to do is put forward the flavor and color of the electronic cigarette you want, along with the brand name and packaging design ideas. We can help you achieve a full set of product customization, grow your brand, and achieve better sales.

15 popular flavors, allowing you to have more choices and different pleasures.
The flavors are constantly updated:
Strawberry ice cream, Grape ice cream, Pineapple ice cream, Guava, Coconut, Apple, Peach, Mixed fruit, Melon Hami.

Model / Name: D14
Product Type: Disposable E-cig
Material: SS / PCTG
Size: φ14 * 100mm
Wattage: 0-8W
Battery capacity: 2ml
Coil resistance: 2.4
Puffs: About 500

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