Opus Behavioral Health Inc. and Dazos Announce Strategic Partnership Integrating Best-in-Class EHR/CRM Platforms for Behavioral Health Facilities

MIAMI, February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Opus Behavioral Health Inc., a cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) platform for behavioral health and addictions, inpatient, outpatient and residential centers, is pleased to announce a partnership strategy with Dazos, a behavioral healthcare specialist. targeted CRM and business intelligence technology platform that enables proper monitoring of admissions and marketing with administrative management tools for behavioral health facilities.

“By fully integrating the Opus EHR system with the Dazos CRM platform, behavioral health facilities will have complete visibility into the billing, marketing and admissions data needed to make more informed administrative decisions with a single sign-on” , has explained Trey Wilson, CEO of Opus Behavioral Health, Inc. “This partnership adds value to our already comprehensive set of integrated services and provides behavioral health centers with an easily accessible system that has been specifically designed to meet their needs effectively,” he said. added.

The uniqueness of this partnership is the expertise that both parties bring from their years of experience specifically with behavioral health centers. While many companies offer a CRM platform, the Dazos Business Intelligence Suite provides a more comprehensive and advanced platform than other CRM add-ons, suitable for small installations to large national groups, and offers industry-specific tools not otherwise available in the industry, giving these organizations full visibility into the metrics they need to succeed. Specifically designed for Addiction, Mental Health, SUD and Behavioral Health businesses, Opus helps optimize admissions, intake, billing, clinical and medical management processes with a single view and streamlined across the continuum of care. The added value of the integration is the availability of a single sign-on and the two-way flow of information from the EHR and CRM, which will increase efficiency, eliminate duplicate data entry, maximize revenue, and enable administrative team to focus on clinical outcomes.

“The single sign-on functionality for the integrated EHR/CRM platform and the resulting two-way flow of information between these two great systems is a game-changer for the industry,” explained David Farache, Co-founder and CEO of Dazos. “This partnership will provide our customers with a highly powerful, combined and fully integrated CRM/EHR platform that will make them more efficient and enable them to grow, while continuing to benefit from the full visibility and accountability provided by our CRM platform. “

About Opus Behavioral Health:
Opus Behavioral Health is a comprehensive clinical solution that is better than an EHR for addiction, SUD and behavioral health treatment centers. With everything in one place, Opus helps optimize the continuum of care, from intake and admissions to billing, clinical and medical management processes, all in a safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant platform. This allows the healthcare team to stay in sync, achieving higher reimbursements and better clinical outcomes. For more information, visit www.opusbehavioral.com

About Dazos:
Founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in medicine, behavioral health and software development, Dazos is a behavioral health-focused technology provider of industry-specific tools for behavioral health facilities.

The Dazos Business Intelligence Suite is designed to deliver visibility, accountability and efficiency. It provides valuable insight into billing, marketing, and admissions data, supporting more informed decisions, maximizing revenue, and strengthening business management oversight. For more information, visit www.dazos.com

Media Contact:
Ashley Gerchikov
Marketing Manager
Opus Behavioral Health Inc.
[email protected]

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