Parties may consider an electronic stage for campaigns

Tent Deluxe Entertainment Managing Director Yemi Adeyemo George has revealed that there could be a new dimension to this political season as parties can pull out all the stops to ensure their campaigns are top notch using the Electronic Smart Stage.

He said that with the political campaigns in full swing, several political parties have approached his company to service his largest electronic Smart Stage T180 with world-class facilities.

In a statement on Sunday, George said Tent Deluxe would only serve part of the industry but would be available to everyone and for all forms of events.

He said his company had been poached by the All Progressives Congress, adding that while the company would render its services to APC, it was also open to other political parties.

“Our service is open to all political groups, and we are purely commercial and do not belong to any political party. We have the capacity to serve as many political parties as possible at the same time, our modern facilities and equipment can operate simultaneously in many parts of the country, including our ground support stages of various sizes,” he said. .

Gorge added, “Our stages are designed for political campaigns and mega concerts, and they have a VIP mobile designed with different entrances for men and women. This will go exclusively with the mobile stage. Mobile toilets are also very useful for unique events such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, concerts and political rallies.

“We’re bringing something consistent as seen in Nigeria, it’s huge and it’s competitive as we’ve already had a number of interest groups booking.”

According to him, Tent Deluxe Automatic Smart Stage is designed with an integrated digital PA system, a crisp image screen, a mega filtered sound system specially designed for mega gatherings of a large crowd of people and movable toilet tables. elegant from regular to executive.

“The Smart Stage T-180 podium size is 48 feet by 42 feet with a podium height of 5 feet to 6 feet, a roof height of 32 feet and designed to support up to 33,000 kg of weight. The two smart stages are unique and one of a kind in Africa and among the largest in the world.

“The Smart Stage has an automatic setup schedule 30 minutes after arrival at any site with good stability for carrying large tons of weight. The German-made Smart Stage from Kultur GmbH is a size 42 feet by 48 feet plus an extension podium that can comfortably accommodate 500 people.

“We have two different smart stages for proper positioning and before every campaign and rally. We are bold in saying that our equipment is top notch and has never been seen or used before in Nigeria. We understand and recognize how Nigeria is taking center stage in the entertainment world and we know what is possible to get in the global space.

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