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KOCHI: The days of paying in coins or cash for a ticket on your local private bus will soon be over. Today, a majority of bus owners have decided to install electronic ticket machines in their vehicles.
Once the machines are in place, passengers simply swipe their debit, credit, or other type of card to pay the fare. The first buses equipped with the system will enter service from September 1. About 12,500 buses will be installed with the system.

According to Mathews Cherian, state secretary general, Public Bus Operator’s Unity, the technology and machinery is provided by a startup called Xkern based at Kazhakoottam in Thiruvananthapuram.

“I have 15 buses providing services. Once this new technology is in place, the entire ticketing system will be revolutionized. It’s very passenger-friendly technology, ”said Mathews, who signed an agreement with the startup. Unlike systems that only accept one type of card, those developed by the startup accept all cards. “Therefore, passengers will not be responsible for reloading the cards,” said Praveen E, commercial director of xKern.

He said homeowners will reap a lot of benefits from the system as well. “They will be able to earn additional income. It will be Rs 3000 initially. However, after each three month billing cycle, they will get Rs 500 on income up to 10,000 after the one month test period, ”Praveen said.
According to him, the company will install the machines as well as the Android screen for free.
“The company will earn revenue from the advertisements that will be displayed inside the buses. We have already signed 47 leading brands. This part of the business is managed by our marketing department, ”Praveen said.

According to Mathews, ticket machines will also display the total number of people who picked up the ticket for the approaching stop. “Details of reserved tickets will be updated on the ETM for the driver. In addition, tickets purchased outside the bus can be checked with the machine. The ticketing and location updates will take place in real time and will be available to the owner, ”he added.
Praveen said three rolls of tickets per day will be provided for free, while the rest will cost as little as Rs 5 + GST.

“Passengers will also benefit. They will get ETA forecasts on bus stations, traffic conditions on the route. The reduced amount of user interaction required for ticketing with smart location suggestions for source and destinations makes it a very useful system, ”he said, adding that agreements had already been signed to install the machines. on approximately 6,000 state buses.

Benefits for owners
Software to access bus, employee and sales data
Access trip history and collection reports up to any date
Monitor employee attendance
Access vehicle location history with date and time on a map
Benefits for passengers
More sops for passengers
An Android infotainment system that will display
Up-to-date news on screen
Route map and next bus stop on screen
Film trailers and entertainment content inside the bus

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