Ratan Tata’s new car is a bespoke electric nano built by Electra EV

You can take a ride in the all-electric Nano in Bengaluru where it’s run by fleet operator Sainik Pod

Ratan Tata has added a new electric vehicle (EV) to his garage, and it’s a special, custom-built Nano. It’s made by Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions, also called Electra EV, a Pune-based company that provides EV powertrain solutions to businesses (including Tata Motors).

Gasoline Nano for Performance

This Nano looks largely identical to the now-discontinued entry-level sedan that was “India’s most affordable car.” It probably started life as a regular petrol-powered Tata Nano, but has been modified with a 72-volt electronic system linked to the pre-facelift Tata Tigor EV. The electric sedan had a range of 213 km thanks to its 21.5 kWh battery, but the smaller Nano probably has a shorter range.

Electra EV has been around since 2017 as a solution provider for the development and manufacturing of electric vehicle powertrains. It has a production plant in Coimbatore, where it manufactures lithium-ion batteries, electric motors and electronic control systems.

Although the Ratan Tata Electric Nano is privately owned, you can take a ride in one of these compact electric vehicles in Bengaluru. A fleet operator called Sainik Pod has launched an app-based “Sit and Go” ride service that even lets you hail a vacant cab if you spot one. Sainik Pod is run by former Indian Army servicemen and also supplies electric cars to other companies as sustainable fleet and service vehicles.

The Nano EV is unlikely to ever be available to regular EV buyers as “India’s most affordable electric car”. Additionally, Tata already supplies the entry-level Tigor EV with a more advanced Ziptron powertrain. Its 26kWh battery offers significantly better ARAI-tested range of up to 306km, and the 75hp/170km electric motor is good for a 0-60km/h time of 5.7 seconds.

In its own way, the Nano Electric is making public transport and business operations more sustainable in India. But if you want to see a smaller, more compact version of the electric sedan in the EV market, let us know in the comments.

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