Revenue Service Team Wins Show-Me Challenge


An idea to inform Missourians of the renewal requirements of their cars, boats and other vehicles through an electronic notification system crossed the finish line first in the fifth round of the Show-Me Challenge.

Seven finalist teams faced off against a panel of senior state government officials on Friday to pitch the best ideas for improving state government. Inspired by the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” the challenge led employees from 16 executive departments in Missouri to come up with solutions that improve services, eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and save the state time. and money.

The Department of Revenue’s pitch, “Motor Vehicle and Driver License Electronic Notifications,” was announced as the winner on Monday.

In the pitch on Friday, the department said the system would meet consumers’ need for more streamlined departmental correspondence and a large amount of mail returned to the department. The electronic system, which would provide an email and text messaging option, would be used to remind people of license plate renewals for vehicles, boats, trailers, ATVs and people with disabilities, as well as driver and non-driver license renewals.

The members of the winning team were: Dana O’Connell, Dustin Fortson, Karen Dudenhoeffer, Lexi Holt, Gina Wisch and Tracye Harmon.

Second place in the challenge went to “OA Document Solutions” from the Office of Administration, which suggested a digital overhaul of the state’s incoming mail and documents.

Third place went to “A New Dimension in Laboratory Supplies” from the Department of Health and Elderly Services, which suggested the department start 3D printing replacement lab supplies using recycled plastic waste. .

The judges for the fifth round of the challenge were: Rob Dixon, director of the Department of Economic Development; Tracy Hinds, deputy commissioner of the Department of Primary and Secondary Education; Cindy Dixon, director of state operational excellence and general services at the Office of Administration; Amanda Wilbers, head of operational excellence at the Department of Public Safety; and Melody Reichel, process improvement coordinator at the Ministère du Revenu.

To date, over 600 team members have presented ideas for improving production and processes across state government. Cycle 6 of the Show Me Challenge competition will begin in spring 2022.

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