SEEM selects Hartigen as market platform supplier

ATLANTA, December 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The South East Energy Exchange (SEEM) Member Board of Directors today approved a contract with Hartigen to build and deploy the SEEM Marketplace platform. SEEM members issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) earlier in 2021 to provide the electronic platform on which SEEM will operate.

Hartigen is a technology solutions company that develops and configures energy market software and has been instrumental in creating a tightly integrated market platform that offers flexibility, automation, transparency and performance.

“With the selection of Hartigen, SEEM can continue to build a cutting-edge technology platform to achieve its goals and mission by the third quarter of 2022,” said Corey Sellers, Managing Director of Policy and Transmission Services of Southern Company, Member of SEEM. “Hartigen is a highly skilled vendor and the members of SEEM are excited to work with them to develop and implement the software platform on which SEEM will run. Hartigen is well positioned to provide ongoing maintenance and support to the platform going forward. ”

SEEM is a unique and completely new approach to improving the existing bilateral market. The new SEEM platform will facilitate sub-schedule bilateral exchanges, allowing participants to buy and sell electricity around the time the energy is consumed, using transmission available without reservation. Participation in SEEM is open to other entities that meet the required conditions.

SEEM is a 21st century designed for the incredible pace of change resulting from the growth of the electricity sector towards an ever greener future. Electricity customers in the southeast will see cost and environmental benefits from the new platform.

“Hartigen is excited about our mission of partnering with SEEM to create and operate a state-of-the-art SEEM platform that will deliver the value proposition of SEEM,” according to David Pott, Chairman of Hartigen. “Hartigen’s modern technology stack, agility and configurability are closely related to SEEM’s core values ​​and aspirations for the market. “

Founding members of SEEM are expected to include Associated Electric Cooperative, Dalton Utilities, Dominion Energy South Carolina, Duke Energy Carolinas, Duke Energy Progress, Georgia System Operations Corporation, Georgia Transmission Corporation, LG&E and KU Energy, MEAG Power, NC Municipal Power Agency No 1 , NCEMC, Oglethorpe Power Corp., PowerSouth, Santee Cooper, Southern Company and TVA.

The founding members represent nearly 20 entities in parts of 11 states with over 160,000 MW (summer capacity; winter capacity is nearly 180,000 MW) across two time zones. These companies meet the energy needs of over 32 million individual customers (approximately over 50 million people).

About Hartigen

Hartigen Solutions, LLC (Hartigen) is the leading provider of tightly integrated software used to enable the seamless execution of transactions, planning, offerings, operations and settlements in bilateral and deregulated electricity markets in North America. . Hartigen’s flagship product, PowerOptix®, was built on Hartigen’s patented architecture (U.S. Patent No. 9817657B2) and delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility, performance and automation to the business process workflow that translated into measurable value. Hartigen’s PowerOptix® customers include utilities, PPIs, utility, federal, utility, commodity traders and retailers. Hartigen is a private company based in Houston, texas, with a reputation built on customer service and agility. To learn more, please visit Hartigen’s website for details:

SOURCE South East Energy Trading Market

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