Shenzhen Green Earth Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd Introduces New Products to Market


Leading Providers of Innovative Lighting Solutions, Shenzhen Green Earth Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd, Announces the Launch of a Wide Range of Products for Their Commercial and Residential Customers

Shenzhen Green Earth Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd., also known as Green Earth, recently announced the launch of a wide range of commercial and home lighting solutions to their already illustrious inventory. Green Earth has grown over the years, metamorphosing into a more professional and full-fledged company, with a team of highly experienced researchers and developers to offer a plethora of products to meet customer needs.

The global lighting industry has undoubtedly experienced a series of developments over the years, with technological advancements and the emergence of hundreds of brands in different parts of the world helping to provide solutions to meet growing needs. and diverse customers. A recent publication by Fortune Business Insights, a leading research firm, estimated the size of the global lighting market at $ 118.33 billion in 2019, with a projection that it will reach over $ 163 billion. by 2027. Despite the astonishing market figures, thousands of customers around the world still struggle to obtain products that meet their needs, as many manufacturers do not deliver what they claim in terms of completeness. and quality. However, the team at Green Earth have been able to change that narrative, uniquely combining versatility with relative affordability as evidenced by its recently launched product line.

Green Earth currently has over two hundred well-trained and highly experienced employees involved in all production procedures. Product categories for commercial lighting solutions include track lights, pendant lights, light strips, LED tunnel lights, LED stadium lights and many more. Green Earth also offers a wide range of products to domestic customers, including tree series, induction lamps, touch table lamps and light strips, among others.

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About Shenzhen Green Earth Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Green Earth Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 to provide innovative and premium lighting solutions to as many people and businesses as possible in different parts of the world. Based in one of the most creative city – Shenzhen, the China-based manufacturer with a great global outlook has grown into a more professional and full-fledged enterprise, focusing and digging deep into the bright environment in both commercial and residential fields. . The products offered by the company evolve from design, development to manufacturing, with a lighting laboratory, an aging test room and a separate production line to support the entire product process.

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