StimScience Announces First Electronic Sleep Aid That Goes Beyond Tracking and Proven to Improve Sleep

“We set out to create a safe, comfortable and effective wearable sleep aid that is backed by science and improves sleep on a neurological level. Somnee has been proven to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep Longer.”

StimScience, the company that uses personalized neuroscience to improve sleep, today announced its new consumer sleep product, Somnee. Somnee is the first-ever electronic sleep aid headband to use non-invasive personalized brain stimulation to improve the user’s quality of sleep. In a 1,500-night in-home pilot study, Somnee halved the time it took beta users to fall asleep, and reduced the amount of tossing and turning during the night. Learn more and place pre-orders at

Somnee was created by a dream team of experienced product developers and researchers, who have one goal: to help those who have trouble sleeping get a good night’s sleep through neuroscience. Sleep is fundamental to all aspects of mental and physical health. Poor sleep causes stress and anxiety, increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and injury, and has been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Despite these risks, more than half of American adults have trouble sleeping and 1 in 3 are dangerously sleep deprived.

“Sleep is brain activity, so it’s no surprise that external aids like the thousands of pillows and weighted blankets haven’t done much to reverse the growing sleep epidemic,” Aaron said. Bromberg, CEO of StimScience. “We set out to create a safe, comfortable and effective wearable sleep aid that is backed by science and improves sleep on a neurological level. Somnee has been proven to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep As someone who has struggled with sleep for years, Somnee has changed my life, and we have already seen a profound impact on the lives of users.”

How it works?

Somnee is a luxurious silk headband worn for a 15 minute stimulation session at bedtime. It uses a patented algorithm to apply closed-loop transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) to improve sleep in a safe and natural way. The headband reads the wearer’s individual brain state, then precisely mimics and enhances the brain’s natural sleep patterns to create a personalized stimulation session.

After the stimulation session, wearers can choose to remove Somnee; they don’t need to wear it while they sleep to feel the positive effects. If they decide to sleep with Somnee, the technology goes beyond sleep tracking and uses sleep data to further personalize and improve future stimulation sessions.


tES has been used safely for decades to treat depression and other neurological conditions. Somnee’s electrical stimulation intensity and duration are less than half the levels used in most FDA-approved applications and less than one-tenth the levels used in most consumer electrical muscle stimulators.

The team

The StimScience team is a mix of experienced product developers and neuroscientists. Scientific advisors include sleep scientist and best-selling author of Why We Sleep, Dr. Matthew Walker, UC Berkeley neuroscientist and practicing neurologist Dr. Robert Knight, and leading expert Dr. Rich Ivry. non-invasive brain stimulation. The leadership team includes founders and successful executives from Amazon, Bose and Therabody.

Rates & Subscription

Somnee is available for pre-order May 3, 2022 at with a super-early bird price starting at $179, and will ship Fall 2022. The headband comes with a supply of 30 days in hydrogel stimulation pads; after that, a monthly subscription includes replacement electrodes, as well as continued customization of each user’s stimulation patterns.

Today’s news follows Aaron Bromberg joining StimScience as Managing Director and a successful $8.3M seed funding round led by Khosla Ventures, with participation from Monozukuri Ventures and Great Eagle Holdings. StimScience has also partnered with Langham Hospitality Group to provide customers and staff with access to Somnee devices. Guests at select properties will also have access to a spa treatment powered by Somnee: The World’s Largest Nap.

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About StimScience

StimScience is a Berkeley, CA-based startup whose mission is to translate advances in neuroscience into everyday consumer devices. Our scientific team has spent the last 3 years developing non-invasive and personalized brain stimulation applications. With seed funding from Khosla Ventures, we’re launching the initial product of this groundbreaking research – Somnee, the first electronic headband to help you sleep better through personalized neuroscience. Learn more at

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