Sustainable transport: 6.5 m. NIS electric transit arrives in Israel


A new electric public transport system with an estimated cost of NIS 650 million will be promoted for implementation in Israel following a decision taken on Sunday at a meeting between Transport Minister Merav Michaeli, the minister of Environmental Protection Tamar Zandberg and Minister of Energy Karin Elharrar.

The joint venture’s budget is estimated at NIS 650 million, of which NIS 360 million. will be intended for municipal and intercity electric buses, and the infrastructure they require. 100m additional NIS. will be used to reduce pollution in Israeli cities, 90m NIS. will be used to establish an environmentally friendly worker commuting program, and the other 100m NIS. will be used for electronic charging stations, and research and development in the field of clean transport.

In addition to the requested budget, the joint venture will include a tax exemption requirement for lithium batteries used in electric vehicles, the establishment of a plan to reduce carbon emissions from all modes of transport and the transfer of all officials to electronic and environmentally friendly means of transport by 2025.

According to a report released in June by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, more than NIS 30 billion is spent annually on emission costs in Israel, and public transport is the main factor. As a result of this report, the ministry began work to shift the production of 40% of Israel’s electricity to renewable energy sources by 2030.

In a joint statement on the plan they hope to implement and the urgency behind it, the ministers said “the climate crisis is already hitting the world hard, and Israel must act immediately to reduce its consequences. cooperation between government departments The transport industry is the biggest pollution factor in the country and therefore the decision to promote electric transport is extremely important.

“The aim is both to promote electric public transport and to encourage Israeli consumers to choose an electric vehicle,” the joint statement concluded. “We will work to make the transition easy, quick and cost effective.”

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