the European digital platform U-Label is born


European Committee of Wines Enterprises (CEEV) and SpiritsEurope European associations of producers, respectively of wines and spirits, presented today in Brussels in the presence of the European Commissioner for Agriculture Janusz Wojciechowski the U-Label project, the first European digital platform for the creation of electronic electronic labels to which Federvini, the Italian Federation of Producers of Wines, Spirits and Vinegars adhering to Confindustria, associated with the two organizations and present at the event , adheres to in Italy. Also assisted by Claire Bury, Deputy Director General of DG Health, and MEPs Irene Tolleret and Juan Ignatio Zoido, respectively President and Co-President of the Intergroup of the European Parliament “Wines, Spirits and Quality Foods”.

The reform of the common agricultural policy – which will be adopted from autumn 2021 and provides for a two-year transitional period – introduced new labeling obligations in physical and digital form (e-label) for wines and wines. flavored wine products, on the nutritional value declaration and on the list of ingredients: the calorie indication must appear directly on the paper labels, while the list of ingredients and the nutrition declaration can be provided via an electronic label.

At the same time, the spirit drinks sector has embarked on a path of self-regulation through the adoption, already in 2019, of the memorandum of understanding which sets out the commitment to include the energy value of the product in the labels and to provide information to consumers, digitally, on the list of ingredients and nutritional values.

Micaela pallini, president of Federvini, he declared that “Federvini supports and supports with enthusiasm and conviction this important project through which the wine and spirits sector is committed to disseminating information on the composition of products and on the nutritional declaration thanks to new digital technologies. U-label represents an important step in food transparency: for the first time, consumers will be able to access information in their own language by scanning the QR code placed on the label of their favorite wines, spirits and liqueurs. It is a tool which places our sector at the forefront of the entire agrifood sector and which, by exploiting the potential of digital communication, promotes dialogue and trust between producer and consumer “.

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