Today in retail: Jack Daniel’s has new leaders

In retail today, the maker of Jack Daniel’s and other liquor brands is changing the direction of its technical team in response to glass shortages and other supply chain issues. Additionally, Vans is suing art collective MSCHF over its new Wavy Baby shoe, Stripe is starting to support two popular payment methods in Japan, and the former CEO of is launching a food delivery service.

Jack Daniel’s Maker changes direction amid supply chain pressure

Supply chain pressures have caused Brown-Forman Corporation — which makes Jack Daniel’s whiskey as well as many other liquor brands — to restructure its technology leadership. The shift reportedly happened in March, fueled in large part by supply chain disruption, particularly a shortage of glass supplies. In addition to glass supply, Brown-Forman also faces pressure from rising commodity prices, including agave and grain.

Sneaker maker Vans sues MSCHF over ‘Wavy Baby’ shoe

Sneaker company Vans has filed a federal lawsuit against Brooklyn art collective MSCHF, claiming it “blatantly and unequivocally copied Vans’ trademarks and trade dress” when marketing, advertising and packaging for MSCHF’s new Wavy Baby shoe. MSCHF began shipping the sneaker in March, with plans to launch it on Monday (April 18). The shoe appears to be modeled after the Vans Old-Skool silhouette but has been modified to feature wave-like decoration.

Stripe now supports Furikomi and Konbini payments in Japan

Financial series and software-as-a-service (SaaS) company Stripe now supports two forms of payment in Japan via a single integration: Furikomi, a popular bank transfer method, and Konbini, a global payment option for convenience stores. “Stripe provides technology solutions that help Japanese businesses digitally transform and save workdays every year,” Daisuke Aranami, country manager for Stripe Japan, said in a statement.

Former CEO Marc Lore puts his entrepreneurial skills to good use in food delivery

Serial entrepreneur Marc Lore – the former CEO of, founder and former CEO of Jet, and former CEO of Quidsi – lent his expertise to Wonder, a fast-growing New Jersey-based delivery startup . Launched last year, Wonder has pilot operations in 20 New Jersey cities and allows customers to order from 17 restaurants. Once they order, a mobile food truck prepares the food while it’s parked in front of their house.

Albertsons harnesses scent marketing as multi-sensory experiences drive retail sales

Grocery giant Albertsons has begun expanding advertising opportunities for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to deliver new sensory experiences. Grocer’s stores in Chicago and New Jersey will smell freshly baked cheesecake near coolers selling Philadelphia cream cheese. The limited-time program runs throughout the Easter season in an effort to attract home bakers.



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