US Customs and Border Protection has implemented an electronic visa for eligible travelers to enter America for different purposes

The online process for an Electronic – United States Travel Authorization was implemented by US Customs and Border Protection in January 2009. It allows people from all eligible countries to visit the United States at different purposes such as tourism, transit and business. visits.

US Visa Online is an electronic travel document that can be obtained easily through a simple online visa application process. The US Visa Application Online has simplified the visa application process and can be completed in minutes or less. The only requirements to apply for a US visa online via are a valid passport, email address and credit or debit card. Depending on the convenience of the individual, he can apply for a US e-Visa from anywhere at any time. They can use a mobile phone, computer or tablet to complete the application process by completing the visa application form and uploading the necessary documents.

US visa for Lithuanian citizens

The US visa for Lithuanian citizens is a multiple-entry visa with a long-term validity of two years. With this multi-entry feature, people can continuously visit America according to their needs until the validity of the visa expires. American Visa Online for Lithuanian citizens is valid for arrival by land, air and sea; thus, individuals can choose their preferred method of travel. This visa allows them to stay in the United States for a short period of one day to 90 days on each visit.

US Visa for Luxembourg Citizens

Luxembourg citizens can benefit from the fast entry facility by using the US Visa Online program. US Visa Online is a mandatory document for all Luxembourg citizens planning to visit America for different purposes. Luxembourg citizens can use this e-Visa to visit America for short-term tourism, business purposes and in transit. Like Lithuanian citizens, Luxembourg citizens can also make multiple visits to America for 90 days on each trip.

To be eligible for the US Visa Online, citizens of eligible countries, including Luxembourg and Lithuania, must be in good health and must not have a criminal history. Applicants must ensure that their passport is valid for three months beyond the intended date of departure. Generally, the e-Visa will be issued within 48 hours, but it is best to apply for it at least 72 hours before the intended entry into the United States.

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