Vadodara: A fire breaks out at the regional office of the Bank of Baroda, gutted furniture

A fire broke out at the Suraj Plaza regional office of the Bank of Barodain Sayajigunj on Saturday. Three firefighters brought the blaze under control, but reports indicate that furniture and electronic gadgets were damaged in the incident.

Rajendra Gosai, a bank employee, said: “The fire first started in the air conditioning system on the fourth floor… When it was not brought under control, we called the fire department. Furniture and electrical appliances, including computers, were damaged but we did not lose any documents. The power supply and the centralized air conditioning system were also damaged. We immediately left the floor to avoid casualties.

A fire official said: ‘The fire control room received a call and we rushed to the scene… At this time it appears that a short circuit in the air conditioning system caused the fire , but it is difficult to determine this because several units were damaged. Furniture, stationery and other office items were emptied, but damage was limited thanks to a quick response.

Notably, the incident comes a day after a major fire broke out at the Bank of Baroda head office on Ghod Dod Road in Surat on Friday, destroying documents stored in lockers as well as furniture and computers.

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